Cool handmade guitar straps for groovy cats and hep kittens

Not long ago in a galaxy very near here, a minor widget factory functionary grew tired of staring at a screen all day and decided to escape the knowledge economy. Heading off for a life of imagination and adventure, she found herself in the uncharted end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy and became inspired by the astonishingly diverse musical creativity of a little-visited blue-green world. She set down in the rural outskirts of a major city at the edge of a big continent in the bottom half of the planet, where she hoped an inability to conform to the mainstream might go unnoticed. Fortunately the planet had recently developed world-wide technologies that allow people to communicate directly with each other, connecting makers to people who want what they make. So she decided to hang around for a while and see whether there would be enough interest in the guitar straps she’d been making for herself to let her stay for good.

As a musician you create beauty in the form of melody, harmony and rhythm. You connect with others through emotion, passion and joy. I make my straps with a similar attention to the balance between craftsmanship, functionality and beauty. They are made by hand in my home studio on the rural outskirts of Sydney, Australia. Whether you’re looking for a new strap for yourself, or as a gift for someone else, you will know that a MyMumDrivesaUFO strap has been made by someone who is doing what they love.

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